2020: The Most Unique Season We’ll Ever Have

The 2020 season was supposed to be our biggest yet – expanding our sail trips from Croatia and Greece to include Malta and Montenegro, too. With the wind at our back, we were ready to set sail on new adventures, to new places, with many new friends. But then the coronavirus pandemic hit, and suddenly we had to heave our sails, reassess, and switch directions.

Working in yachting, we’re used to sudden storms. Yet, this is one of the biggest we’ve had to face head on, and we’re proud of the way we’re steering forward. Here, we wanted to tell you guys how the 2020 season is going to be a bit different, but epic, too.

We offered the most flexible refund policy in the industry

The first thing we wanted to do was make sure everyone who had already planned their summer adventure with SailWeek was taken care of. So instead of keeping all the deposits and asking sailors to join us next summer, we wanted to offer flexibility. Everyone who paid for their sail in-full was given most of their money back automatically. This was done in good faith and to hopefully help anyone who needed the cash amidst these uncertain times. Then, the 1st installment was issued to them as travel credit to SailWeek they could use within the next 3-years towards any of our trips.

We’re excited to give you a once in a lifetime experience

Most people who set sail with us say it was unlike any experience they’ve had. But, anyone who joins us this year is really in for something special. That’s because in summer 2020, you’re going to get a taste of authentic, old-school Croatia.

As you may know, SailWeek started in Croatia, and over the past 20-years, the country has seen an enormous surge in tourism. This has obviously been great for our business and local economies. But, the more our staff started to talk, the more we got excited for this more laid back, idyllic Croatian summer we had as kids. This year, beaches will just be speckled with sunbathers. Ancient streets will be far less crowded. Open waters will feel undiscovered with fewer boats sailing by our side. And of course, we’ll still take you to all the best spots and secret swimming holes.

This summer we’ll be setting sail in Greece and Malta, too, which are also notorious for their bustling summer tourists seasons. Aboard our yachts, you can expect to have a totally unique summer reminiscent of the days before mass-tourism. We truly think it’s going to feel like stepping back in time, allowing you to explore these incredible destinations in a way that hasn’t been possible for decades.

We’re buckling down on our commitment to sustainable tourism

Aboard SailWeek, we are committed to sustainable tourism, which means having a positive impact on the environment, society and traditional way of life. We’re excited that this year we can support local cultures and societies in such a positive way, both by infusing local economies with our tourism dollars and being able to have this closer, authentic connection with the locals.

Summer 2020 – who’s jumping aboard?

We’re excited to welcome our sailors who still plan on joining us, as well as any last-minute travelers who can make the journey (be sure to check your local regulations). Head on over to our booking page to see what spots are still available this year!