5 reasons to book SailWeek early

It seemed like everyone, I mean EVERYONE, went to Europe and sail Croatia this year! Meanwhile, you’re just at home binge watching Netflix, and scrolling through everyone’s sunkissed Instagram photos wishing you were there too!

Now, everyone is finally home and telling you all of their epic stories. Trust me, I know it’s hard not to get FOMO and book your ticket for next season right there and then!

Luckily enough, booking your SailWeek tickets early has some major perks!

1. You can choose the date you want

There is nothing worse than planning your whole trip to then find the week you want to go is booked out! In July, when Ultra Music Festival comes around, it’s two of the biggest weeks of the year with over 50 yachts and this sells out… FAST! You don’t want to miss out on this epic experience because you waited too long to book!

Diving from your SailWeek yacht every morning is the best start of the day

2. You can choose from any of the yachts on offer

Your yacht can make all the difference! Do you want a bigger deck? Sure. More cabins? No worries. More bathrooms? You got it!

Booking your SailWeek tickets during their early bird sale means you can choose between any yacht they have available, at the best price!

Do you know what that means? AIRCON!
Although A/C is not a common thing on sailboats in the Mediterranean there are always a few boats with A/C available to book in the full yacht option.

If you’re going in a group of 6 or a group of 12, there’s a better chance of you finding the perfect sized yacht for you and your group before someone else comes along and snaps it up! Plus, all the latest model yachts are still on offer! That’s right, i’m talking about a brand spankin’ new 2018 model!

Adventure SailWeek yachts always travel together and are the part of the same fleet

3. Choose your route

Booking early means the world is at your fingertips. OK, maybe not the world but Croatia and Greece definitely are! Choosing between the UltraParty and Adventure routes is a tough choice because they’re all amazing, but they are all very different. Ultra SailWeek is only held over 2 weeks and are one of the first weeks to sell out! If you are more a mid pace person Adventure SailWeek or SailWeek Greece is the perfect choice.

Buggy ride is one of many extra activities on Adventure SailWeek in Croatia

4. Did someone say cheaper?

It’s no secret that booking early means you get to lap up all the early bird sales on SailWeek and have cheaper flights! Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too!

It’s like Taco Tuesday, all the same Mexican goodness just at a fraction of the price! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Sunsets in Croatia are the best part of the day

5. There’s more time to prepare

Finding the perfect inflatable is no easy task so you’re going to need all the time you can get to find one! With more time on your hands, you can start looking at the hotels you can stay at after sail or book the rest of your Euro trip (while also looking for the perfect outfits to wear to the beach parties).

Let’s face it, we all have the one friend who is late to everything, don’t be that friend! SailWeek early bird sale for 2019 is on now! You don’t want to miss out!

Party SailWeek and Ultra SailWeek raft parties are the best way to meet new friends