First timers guide to booking SailWeek

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen those epic pictures of the circle raft party and have been dying to go sailing with SailWeek ever since!
But it’s not as easy as clicking your heels together and appearing on the yacht, there are a few things you need to consider before booking your first trip with SailWeek.


SailWeek have three different routes that are perfect for every kind of traveller.

For the explorer, Sail Week have an Adventure route where they will take you to some of the most scenic islands on the Dalmatian Coast. You’ll find yourself kayaking on the lakes of Mljet, exploring the mini fortress of Korcula and enjoying the bustling culture of Hvar. Also, starting this summer SailWeek Greece is ON, so you can choose what Mediterranean gem to explore.

The Yacht life, sailing is full of fun
Island hopping, stop with yacht and explore Korcula

But for the partiers, there are two different routes that not only cure your travel bug, but also take you to some of the best clubs you’ll ever go to! Party SailWeek is the perfect combination of adventure and partying. By day you’ll find yourself ziplining down a mountain, and by night, you’ll be partying in the infamous cave in Makarska.

Raft party, havea crazy fun in the middle of the ocean
Parting at the best seaside clubs

Then there’s Ultra Sail Week which takes your sail experience to the next level. This route is very similar to Party Sail Week, except bigger! Ultra Sail Week runs for two weeks of the season where guests either start or finish their sail with Ultra Music Festival and it’s the most popular routes with 50 yachts all travelling together. But don’t worry, even though you’ll spend most of your nights partying it up in a different quirky location each night, you’ll still get to explore the amazing islands of Croatia.

Outstanding circle raft experience
Yacht flotila, yout vacation sea home


The main difference between a standard and premium yacht is the amount of space! I chose to book a standard yacht for my first time with SailWeek and found that the space- both above and below deck- was cosier than the space on the premium yachts.

There’s a certain kind of luxury feel to the premium yachts that you don’t get on the standard ones. Both types of yachts have the same features, however the premium yachts make your stay a little better with sleek details and opulent finishes. It’s definitely worth upgrading your yacht for a week of luxury.

Sail and blend wth sea, wind and nature


By the end of the week, your skipper will feel like one of you! Not only are they amazing at sailing between islands, but they love to adventure and party just as much as you do! Our skipper went above and beyond to show us the best bits of Croatia. She helped us hire scooters and took us around the island of Vis while stopping at the best lookouts for amazing views, followed by a sneaky bar visit for some shots. Your skipper takes you to the best restaurants on the islands and gets you to try some amazing authentic Croatian food that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried elsewhere.

SailWeek a proffesional skilled skippers

Your skipper stays on the yacht with you so remember to make them some food when you are cooking your lunch.

But for the travellers who don’t want to cook, you can hire a hostess to do it all for you! Now that’s what you call living, right?! Your hostess will cook your breakfast and lunch while making sure the yacht is super clean, because trust me, your yacht can get pretty dirty when 8 people leave their stuff everywhere!The only thing is that hostess is available only in full yacht bookings so If you are coming with your friends and renting a whole boat I would suggest to hire one and relax about the cooking and cleaning part.


Paying off your trip has never been so easy! SailWeek have created a payment plan where you can pay off small instalments in the months leading up to your trip so you don’t give your credit card a heart attack! This gives you even more time to save your money for the most amazing trip ever!

For those who like to pay everything upfront (who are you? I need your budgeting skills!) there’s also an option for you to pay it all in one go.


We’ve spoken about what to pack in the previous blog, but my advice is: pack what you think you’ll use and then put half of it back! On SailWeek you’ll be living in your swimming costume all day and wearing casual clothes at night, so you can get away with bringing one duffel bag with all your essentials and look great doing it!