5 reasons why sailing in Croatia as a couple is the best experience you’ll have!

If there’s one question I get asked all the time, it’s this: what was it like on SailWeek as a couple?

I always have this one response: EPIC!

And it was epic for these reasons: You’ll find other couples on SailWeek too, you get to experience all of Croatia, and there’s still romance 🙂

1. You’ll find other couples on SailWeek too!

Guess what! There are heaps of couples that travel with SailWeek throughout the season, so you’re not alone!

Before you arrive to Split, the SailWeek team allocate everyone to their yachts. If you’re a couple, the team will try and group you with other couples so that you’re all sailing on the same yacht together!

They’ll put you in your very own double cabin. That means a couple won’t have to be split up and sleep in a bunk bed! #awkward

SailWeek is fitted for couples, single travellers and friends
SailWeek is fitted for couples, single travellers and friends

2. You get to experience all of Croatia

What’s better than experiencing something completely unique with your partner?

You’ll travel on a yacht together for a whole week, meet new people from all around the world, visit the most beautiful islands and dance in the quirkiest locations! It’s something you won’t get to experience anywhere else!

Exploring islands on a scooter on SailWeek Croatia
Extra activities, renting bikes and scooters are available on SailWeek Croatia

3. There’s still romance!!!

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in the world and sailing from island to island really gives you the full scope of its beauty!

Even though you’re sailing with other people, there is heaps of time for you and your partner to have some time to yourselves.

You can do things like:

  • Walk along the beach in Makarska together
  • Have a romantic dinner in Vis
  • Watch the golden sunset while sitting in a beach chair in Hvar.

My boyfriend and I love to cook so we decided to grace the stomachs of yacht family with our favourite recipes almost every day!

Romantic getaway on SailWeek
Romantic sailing in Croatia with your loved one

4. It brings some adventure into your holiday!

Traveling as a couple is great! You get to learn more about one another and enjoy some quality time. But if you’re travelling for 7 weeks like I was, it was amazing to step outside of our couple bubble and hang out with new people and try new things!

You’ll live on the wild side of life! Any typical day could include ziplining through the trees, riding scooters across Vis, dancing to a saxophone at a beach party! Each day is different and SailWeek will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip! When you get home, your friends will be sick of you talking about it all the time!

Renting quads on Korcula is the best way to explore the island
Floaties on Party Sail Week

5. You meet so many different people!

If you’re afraid that others will treat you like the plague just because you’re a couple, you won’t find that here! Everyone who goes on SailWeek wants to have the best week of their lives and you won’t be excluded, trust me!

If you’re a little shy, you’ll find that people will even come up to you and spark up a conversation! Before long, you’ll find yourself jumping into the Adriatic Sea with a whole group of people you just met! How amazing is that?!

Sailing in Croatia as a couple brings you closer together and while experiencing something that not many other people experience and it was definitely worth it!

Unicorn floatie on SailWeek
Circle raft party people smiling


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